Tuesday 10 September 2013

Сrime Investigation Set by Ladesire

Converted from the Sims 2

credits kativip


  1. This seems to be breaking my game sadly. When I try to load a save it just sits there and doesn't move no matter how long I wait. It's definitely from this cause I removed everything but this package and it continued (was fine when I removed them). Think you could fix it? I'd really like to have this in my game ^^

    1. I tested this set in my game and played with it before to publish. Everything was fine. What kind of pacckage did you remove? All files are in sim3pack. Can you decribe your problem in more details, please?

  2. Hi! can you make this pack compatible with sims 4? I really need the Cross and the Virgin Mary for my cathedral. It would be much appreciated if you could convert it for me. Thank you so much!