Friday 10 April 2015

TS3 - Elven Garden 2 by Ladesire

Set includes: 2 statues (round&half moon), lantern holder, lanterns (they are created with necessary height. You do not need to use omsp. Just hold alt and do not forget to us moveobjects on), flowers, big stone, 2 branches.


  1. Very pretty! Too bad they are for ts3. Do you have conversions of these to ts4? :)

    1. Hi!) Thank you for comment)) I will try to convert this set in ts4 if I can)

  2. You know I recognize some of these items, from hriveresse's Sims 2 creation Tale of Bagoas (Persian Fairytale Set) that she did back in 2012 ( found here: ) Yet for the life of me I dont see where you gave her credit for her hard work. Or were you trying to claim her work as your own?

  3. Hi! These models are from Poser and this respected creator took them there as I did. I had had no idea about this set in ts2 before you wrote here) And as you can see my set is much bigger because I converted all items not just some of them. I never claim other creators works and these models I converted from Poser and did all hard work myself)) Have a nice day))