Thursday, 17 September 2015

TS4 - VitaSims' Barocchina Decor by Ladesire

credits VitaSims


  1. Hello Ladesire! I have a cc request, if possible. I can't find a pretty porcelain doll deco for my TS4 girl's room anywhere. The one I used in TS3 was VitaSims Princess Room one (peach-colored outfit and blond hair). I know you like to convert VitaSims meshes, so I thought I would ask you. I would just really like a Victorian porcelain doll with pretty hair and a pretty face for TS4. I understand if you can't take my request, thank you anyway for all of your beautiful TS3/4 content!

    1. I will try to convert these dolls in ts 4)))

    2. thank you for these!! i love all your work fro sims 3 and 4. the Barocchina and lavell truffle sets were on almoset every house lol also the fairy bedroom. thank you sooo much for what you do.

    3. Thank you for so nice comment) You are so kind)) I hope that I can convert more VitaSims stuff because I love it myself))