Sunday, 10 January 2016

TS4 - Olympia Wreath Set Accessories by Ladesire

The wreath has 2 versions.
You can find them in rings.


  1. Hi Ladesire! Just wanted to say, I love your stuff, but I'm having a little trouble finding it in game
    I've downloaded your Olympia Wreath set, your Elven Circlets and your Celtic Delight Accessories, but I can't locate any of them in CAS mode
    Do you have any idea what's wrong with them, or what I can do to fix them?
    They really are lovely, and they'd go perfectly with my Mythological Sims, so if there's anything you can think of, I'm all ears
    Thank you :)

  2. Thank you) It is really wonderful to hear that you love my stuff)) I guess that you can find them in rings. Old tiaras I made in ring category. If you still cannot find them please write here again and I will check them. They could be broken by one of the patch.