Friday 3 June 2016

TS4 - Cashcraft's Royal Library by Ladesire

credits Cashcraft


  1. Hi Ladesire, I've been trying in vain for weeks now trying to download all of your TS4 cashcraft conversions, but no matter the videos I've watched to bypass or to download from it, it hasn't been possible. I've missed so much Cashcraft's creation in my game that I even braved up and clicked allowed on hoping it would work, but it seems the only thing that happened was the notification from my anti virus program of a trojan.Luckilly, I believe kaspersky got it out.But now I'm at square one and out of ideas of how to obtain the ts4 Cashcraft conversions you've created. I thank you very much for doing them I just wish it were possible to get them. If you could help me I would be utterly grateful. And I would gladly donate like $30.
    kind and grateful regards,

    1. Hi dear Alan) Thank you for your wonderful words) The link is fixed) You are welcome to download it)