Wednesday 13 September 2017

TS4 - Vintage Rugs 02 by Ladesire

The link leads to adfly, wait 5 seconds and click button in the top right corner "skip the ad" then you will be redirected to yandex where you are welcome to download these rugs. Thank you for understanding))


  1. Im so in love with your creations it almost hurts <3 Much love,

    Your creations make the world feel so magical I want to cry, love you

    1. Hi! It is the most emotional comment which I have ever got) Thank you a lot=)) Such comments inspire me for new creations. Sorry for delay with the answer I have had big problems with health and spent a lot of time in hospital. Happy simming))

  2. so excited to decorate with the herbology set omggg

  3. Hope that you will have lots of fun))

  4. The link seems to be broken, is there a way to still download it? Thanks